9 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Business or Company Websites

WordPress Business Websites

WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore. It powers 0% of websites on the internet today.

Among these businesses are big names like TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Variety and MTV News.

With benefits that other businesses see and take advantage of, there aren’t many reasons why not to use WordPress for business.

But, you’ll want to understand the reasons why to use WordPress first to optimize its functions. Lucky for you, we’ve whipped up a nice list.

Cheap Startup Costs

WordPress is free, which makes it great for business use. You still have to pay for hosting and a domain name, but WordPress is free to download, install and change as you wish.

They won’t even charge you more if your website gains more traffic in the future. It’s hard to beat no hidden fees and no price increases.

However, it gets even better. Because WordPress is open source, you are able to easily modify your template’s source code to customize your website.

Thanks to the new WordPress 5.0 update, you probably won’t have to change much. Editing and posting are simple to do.

Easy to Customize

Gutenberg is the name of the new WordPress editor. It’s become famous in recent months due to the user-friendly interface.

It’s a block editor. This means that you can control and edit each individual block of text or other content on your website.

To use WordPress for a business website, this makes it incredibly easy to create a site that looks professional and highly responsive.

When you need to add more text, photos or other types of content, all you have to do is drag and drop it in there. If you’re handling all of your web design tasks yourself, this can save loads of time as a small business.

Take the saved time and put it back into marketing your business.

Thousands of Plugins

There are over 54,226 WordPress plugins available to download. What’s a plugin? Any software that you can install to enhance a website’s capabilities.

Plugins for WordPress vary from helping enhance your SEO efforts to working to increase the speed of your site.

However you choose to use the thousands of plugins available, they make life easier, especially if you’re using WordPress for business purposes.

For a business website, it’s recommended to look for plugins that:

  • Easily collect visitor information
  • Increase the speed and responsiveness of your site
  • Connect to Google Analytics
  • Help with your SEO efforts
  • Increase the security of your pages

Making plugins work for you is one of the best things about WordPress. Using them in the right way makes owning a small business a whole lot easier and less time-consuming.

It’s Search-Engine Friendly

Due to its popularity, search engines like to rank websites that use WordPress higher. You don’t even have to do anything. Simply by using WordPress, you’ll rank higher.

The content management system uses a framework that makes it easy for search engines to find it.

However, they even take it a step further by providing you with free plugins like Yoast SEO that help you optimize your webpages for search engines.

Downloading one of these plugins will help you see how many times you’re using your target keyword. It will also help you make sentences easier to read. All this increases your optimization.

Safety and Security

Again, like the SEO-friendly nature, WordPress is pretty secure due to the fact that it’s one of the largest CMS platforms in the world.

With more power comes more resources. They dedicate these resources to ensuring that your hackers can’t reach any of your important data.

Considering the fact that 58% of all cyber attacks target small businesses, this is something you’ll want to pay attention to.

WordPress for Business Support

WordPress Forums are amazing. Due to the fact that so many business owners use WordPress for different types of websites and industries, the chances are that someone has probably already asked a question you have.

This is a huge advantage over using other CMS platforms. Lesser-known platforms won’t have as large of a community. Therefore, they’ll have fewer questions answered.

Aside from the forums, WordPress is also pretty well-known for its excellent online support, especially for businesses. 24/7 support is pretty invaluable if your site goes down during a big sale or launch.

Selling Online is a Breeze

If you own an online store and you’re still wondering “why WordPress” then you haven’t experienced the power of its eCommerce plugins.

WooCommerce, WP eCommerce and Shopp are all easy to install and use. They also make it easy to begin earning money online.

With WooCommerce, you can offer different sizes, colors, variations and more. If you sell goods from an online marketplace, plugins like this are great for that too.

What’s even better is that these WordPress plugins can connect to payment methods across 140 different regions, making it safe and easy to get paid.

Choose Different Hosting Providers

Unlike some other platforms, you’re free to choose who you want to host with when using WordPress.

Most major hosting companies now offer WordPress-specific plans to make life easier. This means that their support and setup is totally geared towards your platform.

If you end up needing to switch your hosting provider for whatever reason, you can easily do so.

WordPress works well with pretty much any server. And, because it’s so widely used in today’s business world, pretty much any provider will have a WordPress hosting option just for you.

Choose Quality Web Designers

If you’re planning on using WordPress for business, then you’ll want to choose the right web design team.

Yes, plugins are free and the templates are easy to edit. However, you get what you pay for.

Paying for the web design service for doctors  or any company can really enhance your online presence and ensure you’re getting the most out of WordPress.

This will ensure you have a quality website that is scalable while also delivering the results you want.

To get the custom WordPress website that your company deserves, contact us regarding our web design services. Our designers are here to craft a site built just for you.

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