Web Design Services for Home Builders

Learn what it takes to have a website that generates new customers for your business. 

If you're building a new website or redesigning one for your business read below to learn the benefits and key elements of having a successful website in your industry.

All home builders need a professional website because supremacy battles are fought online. The absence of an online presence can lead a potential client straight to the competition, as it will be hard to convince them that you are an accomplished builder. It is also hard to defend your brand when it comes under attack without sharable evidence.

Keep reading to learn about essential features that cut across all our successful websites so you can identify the ideal web design for home builders that will drive traffic to your site.

Our experiences have led us to conclude that an efficient home builder website should be custom fit, even if you are a general contractor. Every builder has a unique proposition to sell, making them stand out. There is no one-size-fits-all web design for home builders.

If you need a tailor-fit website that captivates your potential buyer and will positively impact your business growth, you should consider our custom web design packages.

We've been in business for over 5 years and made dozens of successful websites for business.

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Benefits of Investing in Professional Web Design for Home Builders

Your website is, first and foremost, the window through which any prospective buyer will view your construction company. A professional-looking website is like a clean window that displays the exact product that the passerby needs. It helps to attract new customers from search engines, specifically those browsing for home builders like yourself.

Once you have captured their attention, it catalogs what you offer, even when you are not around. It functions as your sales and model homes center around the clock, engaging your site visitors with photo galleries, virtual tours, your portfolio of floor plans, and searchable inventories, consistently generating leads.

It provides a platform to persuade potential customers to subscribe to your stories, extending your window of converting them to buying clients. Sales will increase significantly because you are constantly pushing for conversion.

Your website will even keep records of conversions so you can pull reports using tools like Google Analytics and see which strategies are working. This information can positively transform your digital marketing strategy, making it more efficient.

It saves builders and their potential clients time as they can address multiple queries simultaneously despite the website traffic, thanks to features like the frequently asked questions (FAQ) sections. The clients don’t have to wait in line for answers, and the home builder gets time to focus on actual construction.

Web Design for Home Builders

Optimizing Web Design for Home Builders

There are certain elements that your website developer should feature in your new website for it to deliver on all the above counts.

Professional Outlook

Your web designer should be up to speed with developmental trends and employ current designs. The visitor should be thrilled to have stumbled on your page. It has provisions for high-quality visuals of homes in the form of photos, walk-through videos, drone footage and testimonials. This should be done without clutter and making the website too heavy, as multimedia files are prone to do.

Brand Dominance

As the visuals exhibit what you have done, let website visitors know that you are qualified for the job. Use the about us page to highlight your business experience and qualifications. Document any awards you receive while serving customers and display them to instill confidence.

The website should showcase your value and reflect your brand accurately. Your logo and theme colors should be consistent. Consider adding an effective tagline that tells your website visitor what sets you apart from the competition.

Converting Visitors Into Interested Buyers

The web designer should provide means to constantly engage site visitors in a captivating manner. Entice them to provide their contact details so you can follow up and get them what they want. Some websites infuse a CRM system that triggers follow-up alerts so your sales team can engage the potential buyer further.

Give them options to contact you because they may have questions you have not addressed on the website. You can provide a link to an order inquiry form that lets them highlight what they need, so you can better customize their solution.

Have them subscribe to your newsletters and emails so that you can keep them updated on your latest offers or the latest trends. Some clients require time to convert, and it is good practice to keep them engaged in the meantime

Leveraging Social Media

A considerable amount of digital marketing campaigns are run on social media platforms. Linking your website to your social media accounts opens up a lot of organic traffic. When users like and share your pages and handles, they can receive the same communication you send through your email marketing drives, making conversion easier.

Your socials should also have links to draw your followers to your website. Once potential clients are drawn to the site, the website captures their information through its built-in lead mining system, which combines detail capture forms, order inquiry forms and subscriptions.

Content Optimization

The website should be designed and developed with search engine optimization in mind. While it is true that your content is what keeps people glued to the site and drives conversion, you may fail to lure visitors to the site in the first place if search engines can’t find and scan your content.

The design should be infused with SEO software and keyword tracking tools to make it easy to provide content that search engines will relate to specific queries. This doesn’t take away from the importance of providing content that tackles challenges specific to home builders. The tools only guide you in making the information digestible by search engines.

Outstanding User Experience

The fact that there are infinite options lowers the already fleeting attention of site visitors even further and they will drop off your site if it degrades even slightly. You should therefore opt for the fastest and most responsive design, so your potential buyer doesn’t feel like they are waiting in line.

The website should be designed such that it is easy to navigate. Your site builder should devise ways to help the visitor find what they are looking for instantly. One way of doing this is by displaying important information like contacts on the homepage or sticky headers, so they are a simple click away.

Ensure it is mobile- and tablet-friendly because a large percentage of the global website traffic is generated from mobile devices, and accessibility is key to customer conversion.


A functional website allows you to make changes as the need arises with minimal effort. The open source WordPress CMS (content management system) is popular in the developer community because it is highly customizable. Its modular API (application programming interface) allows developers to focus on building functionality on top of it because it is easy to manage from the backend.

It makes it easy to make website changes on your own after the site is handed over, so your website grows and scales with your building business. It also supports various plugins that can be used to further customize your website.

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Web Design Services for Home Builders

Why We Are the Ideal Website Design Partner for Home Builders

If you are looking for a web design company that will prioritize and address your specific needs, you are right where you need to be. We will factor in all the above as we strive to bring to life the exact vision you will present to our in-house website developer when you engage our custom website design services.

They have worked on multiple builder websites, so they know how the construction bidding process works from the purchase or building of the new home, the selection of homes or floor plans and the ultimate purchase. Your website will be uniquely poised to facilitate the entire process, making it a great conversion tool.

We can also provide a prebuilt website template that you can transform into a beautiful website on your own terms if you are on a tight budget or want to be your own site builder. They also run on WordPress, so you will easily edit and customize them.

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