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WP SiteKit it here for business owners who want to gain more customers from their website efficiently without wasting any of their precious time.

There are over 400,000 new websites launched every month. That along with Google constantly changing to send people to what they consider the most relevant websites makes being online very competitive. If you’re not growing online, then you’re being covered by the competition.

This can make owning a website tough.

Are you not getting enough quality website traffic?

Are new customers not contacting you through your website?

Is it challenging for you to make the changes and optimize your website to get the results you want?

We know it can be frustrating to work with website technologies. We know how you can feel lost with the endless amount of online marketing options.

WP SiteKit is here to make it easy for you and give every business owner a fighting chance to win online!

Before starting WP SiteKit, we built and ran several of our own websites that were our livelihood. We’ve also worked at large corporations on teams where getting more web traffic and new customers was business-critical.

As web designers and marketers with 20+ years of experience, we’ve focused on learning best practices and what delivers results.

We’ve combined the most successful elements in web design, marketing and strategy into an easy to follow 3 part plan that’ we will take you through.

  1. Design a new professional looking website that’s full of search engine optimizations, persuasive messages, and lead capture elements.
  2. Setup your website on the best technology that allows you to rank higher on search engines, manage all your leads, and make it easy to publish new content.
  3. Design and help you execute an ongoing marketing plan that will grow your business every month.

We don’t just hand over a new website to you. We work with you every month to make sure you’re properly executing your marketing place and can make the changes to your website for you.

So are you ready to grow your business online? Start by filling out our website package inquiry form. You’ll have a quick meeting with our primary web strategist to see if one of our website packages is right for your business.

If you’re not quite ready to talk with our web strategist then we’d like to give you this FREE Website Optimization Checklist. Use this to check your current website to ensure it’s optimized to generate as many leads as possible.

With a WP SiteKit website you’ll have a custom professional website that gets web traffic and generates leads for your business. You’ll also get a solid marketing plan and the support you need to grow.

Remember, if your website is not optimized and you’re not publishing the right content you’re getting passed by your competition more and more every day.

sally rice_psychic
sally rice_psychic
21:53 05 Feb 19
Absolutely excellent, hand's on help with improving my website's SEO rating and exposure on the web. I have been struggling for so long with technical issues concerning increasing my exposure on the internet. Ashton knows his game, and is remarkably efficient and genuinely talented as ta tech expert in his field. I'm so glad I found him. Over the course of just a few months he increased traffic ten fold, and I was thrilled with the results of his work. He has years of experience under his belt, and a calm, professional disposition which makes working on issues that usually cause me grief,... effortless. I am now able to concentrate on what I do, and leave the technical issues to him, which is hugely beneficial in so many ways. He offers a few choices in terms of services, and his prices are fair and reasonable. I'm never letting him go, he's a keeper! Thank You Ashton for rescuing my website and taking over the jobs I couldn't handle. You are awesome!read more
Jill Jackson
Jill Jackson
18:10 29 Jan 19
Ashton and his team are amazing! Very efficient and professional to work with. Their prices are quite fair for the service level provided. I love how everything is communicated thru email including updates on the work completed. I highly recommend this company! You will be very pleased.
Kathleen Evans
Kathleen Evans
23:29 26 Jan 19
I am a writer and am not super tech savvy. I was managing my basic. self-designed website. However, as I really began marketing myself as a freelance writer and pre-selling my first novel, I needed to step it up a notch and make my site more professional. In late 2017, I hired the folks at WP SiteKit to revamp my website to house my blog and start an email list for book pre-orders, as well as creating a place for my published articles to live on the site. They were great to work with, did the job quickly, and came in below the other quotes I had received for similar work. I am very happy... with my site and the follow up from WP SiteKit. They have taken me to the next level and now I have more knowledge so I can manage it better. I highly recommend them.read more

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