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If you are a player in the financial industry, your website should be designed and developed to reflect professionalism and cultivate trust. This is often mistaken to mean bland and boring, leading to websites that search engines easily overlook. To stand out from the competition, you need to establish yourself as an authority in finance in your own unique way, even as you keep it professional, with web design for financial services.

WP SiteKit is the product of years of experience providing custom web design services for players in different fields, including the financial sector. If you want a financial website design that will grow your audience base generically while boosting your conversion rate, our website designers have the experience and capacity to deliver. Keep reading because this article unveils the digital marketing potential of professional web design for financial services that we have realized over time.

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How Does a Finance Website Influence the Growth of a Financial Institution?

A website is a multipurpose tool for your marketing campaign, enabling you to offer your customers professional services.

Financial services websites serve as platforms for marketing automation in many ways. They have a catalog of services offered by the financial institution that a potential client will browse through. The website visitor gets to know that you provide these financial services and how they can benefit from them.

They offer an opportunity to promote your brand by highlighting why your financial services are a cut above your competition and responding to related queries. Potential clients can request quotes and get them online as satisfied customers refer your services to their colleagues.

In customer service, the website gives your customers an avenue to ask questions, consult a qualified financial advisor, and log into their accounts to monitor their portfolios if they are subscribed to wealth management services.

The financial services website design is the foundation for all these functionalities. It dictates how smoothly they can be applied and how much financial firms benefit from them. Your web designer can make or break your online success, so it helps to know what to look out for and how to apply finance website tools.

Web Design for Financial Services

Optimizing Web Design for Financial Services

For a website to deliver to its full potential, it should be designed for all its unique tools to be applied. Let’s look at some of the qualities to expect in an optimized financial services website.


Its presentation lures curious visitors to the site and your services without appearing overbearing. Apply eye-catching graphics and a good mix of colors in a scheme that is appealing and consistent but not too radical that it overshadows the message you are trying to pass.

The design should be elegant, and the transitions smooth to project an aura of confidence, stability, and integrity. Finances are a sensitive topic, and your website visitor will prefer to get the impression that you are handling their affairs with the seriousness they deserve.

It’s Conversion Oriented

Have as many options for conversion as you can naturally accommodate on the website to make conversion seamless. You can have your visitors choose to download a fact sheet in exchange for their email address, sign up for your newsletter that will have fine details of all your services, or nudge them to contact you directly for any questions.

Enable clicking on the company’s social links and email as the users navigate from page to page so they can share your services through their social media networks. The message is more effective if it comes from them as they will have prequalified you in the eyes of their peers.

Include a call to action (CTA) for each service on its page, with actionable processes such as a subscription, request for a quotation, or free trial.

Content Relevance

An effective website has the right blend of articles and blog posts for search engine optimization (SEO). The content should be simple yet engaging and relevant to the target client. Research keywords and related phrases so that search engines can understand what you have to offer and put your website in front of prospective customers.

Don’t sacrifice creativity while trying to be content centered; there is such a thing as information overload in content creation (SEO might only get you that far). Your potential client is more interested in the benefits of your services than the complexities involved in their implementation.

Positive User Experience

The design should be intuitive and easy to navigate and explore. Information should be well-structured with organized navigation to easily access investment services and solutions. Keep in mind that the potential client has many options to choose from, and people want information that is easy to grab and go. They might be drawn to your less complicated competitor.

You also want to retain their interest after they visit the site so that you can convert the visit to business. A positive experience will encourage them to revisit the website.

Menus and services should be easily accessible to encourage clients to use them. You can list the services in a sticky dropdown menu, so the user goes directly to the solution they need, whether it’s money transfer, savings, mortgages, personal loans, insurance, investment, credit cards, or any other service, without navigating.

A search feature also comes in handy to help users get straight to the service they are interested in from whichever page they are in, skipping navigation.

Building the Brand Reputation

The branding message should be consistent throughout the website. One way of achieving this is by strategically displaying the logo and mission statement on every page.

Showcase the company, how you have helped clients, and your work for them. Leverage social proof and success stories that came about as a result of your financial services. It motivates your CTAs by cultivating confidence in the brand.

You can go further with web design for financial services to demonstrate your products’ application through use cases for different scenarios. They serve as an impetus for prospective customers because they can visualize themselves as beneficiaries. Coupled with a list of your past and current customers, it will boost user confidence further.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile-friendliness serves to enable access by all kinds of people. It also helps your pages to rank higher in search engines. You should also enable clients to log into their client accounts conveniently using their smartphones. A responsive website can be viewed using different devices without hiccups like image distortion or misplaced items as you switch between devices.

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Web Design for Financial Services

Web Design for Financial Services Through WP SiteKit

Our web design for financial services strategy combines graphic design and market analysis to ensure the website is not only attractive but is also projected to the target audience of your specific financial services company. We take pride in the relevance and uniqueness of the products of our custom website design services.

We also have WP SiteKit prebuilt WordPress website templates on offer if you are on a tight budget or have yet to finalize content creation, but you need to start from somewhere. The WordPress platform allows you to scale the website up and edit it as the need arises.

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