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Your website audit report will include the following checks:

SEO Ranking

  • Content Keywords
  • Title and Description
  • Content Size
  • H1 and H2 Tags
  • Robots and Sitemap


  • Redirections
  • Canonical URLs
  • Favicon
  • Flash & iFrames
  • Mobile Viewport


  • Response Time
  • Page Load Time
  • Full Render Time
  • Javascript Errors
  • Total Page Size

Social & Security

  • Facebook, Instagram
  • LinkedIn, Twitter
  • YouTube, Pinterest
  • SSL Enabled
  • HTTPS Redirect

More About This Website Checker And SEO Audit Report

A website checker is a tool that every company or individual with a website should use. Most website owners are not aware that they need to evaluate the performance of their websites. Website owners must conduct website checks frequently to ensure that everything is at par with market standards.

This article will take you through the facts that you should know about a website audit. You will understand why you should conduct an SEO audit for your website annually. Above all, you will see the value of having a website checker among your tools for managing your website.

What is a Website Checker?

A website checker is a tool that checks the performance of a website using several aspects. The tool does an audit and provides a report that tells you exactly how your site compares to others. The main aspects that a website checker considers is the Search Engine Visibility, User Experience, Website Security, and Speed. All four aspects contribute significantly to how well a website functions. The checker provides ideas on how you can improve the areas that are below average.

User Friendly

A website checker will analyze how simple your website is to navigate. A user-friendly website is a must-have feature. An excellent website should be secure for users to figure out where everything is located on the site. Complex websites can make it difficult for users to navigate, and they will opt to leave your website.

You need to check the background, colors, menu, and the font of your website. For example, websites with a dark background tend to be hard to read. Also, a website with a small font will cause users to squint when reading.

Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Visibility translates to the visibility of your websites on search engines like Google and Bing. A website checker will help you realize the URLs on your website that are not registered on search engines. Registering the webpages that are not on the search engine directories will improve your visibility.

Visibility means the appearance in search results for the relevant searches. Invisible websites get little to no web traffic, which is a bad thing. Lack of traffic means no one out there is looking at your products or services.

Website Security

The security of your website is paramount to ensure that customer information is safe. Potential customers won't transact of websites that seem unauthentic or lack enough security measures. Keep in mind that malicious individuals are looking to hack into websites and weak systems to steal information. You need to make sure that your website ranks high when it comes to security. Otherwise, implement all the necessary measures to improve the security of your website. Keeping your users safe, and the company information should be the priority.

Website Speed

The acceptable speed for a website to load content is in 3-5 seconds. After that, internet users will get bored and leave the website without viewing your content. Storing your website data on the cloud can increase the loading speed of your webpages. You must invest in the best cloud storage and website hosting to keep the speed of your site high. A website checker will help you identify the significant data content on your website and suggest ways to compress the data.

Website Checker Sample SEO Audit Report

How do you know whether your website is performing at optimum levels? A website checker is an ideal tool for performing a website audit. There is no other way to know how your website ranks against the best practices. Knowing how you are doing against your competitors is essential for benchmarking.

It is advisable to do a website audit semi-annually or annually. The rules of the internet change frequently, but not too frequently. You must keep up with the changes if you want to have a competitive edge.

There are always new tools to make a website faster, more secure, and improve the user experience. A website checker will reveal the changes that you need to implement to keep your site in the best condition. You can conduct special audits when search engines like Google make significant changes in the search engine algorithm.

No. You need to find other tools to perform SEO audits for your content on the website. It is possible to find free SEO checking websites if you want to be sure whether your landing pages are using SEO appropriately. You can receive an SEO audit report to guide you in the improvements. SO is essential in ensuring that your webpages' ranking is high when it comes to search results.

No. The website checker won't tell you which websites are fake. You need to check the SSL certificates, the URLs, or the seal providers. The SSL certificates can be authenticated to make sure that they are real. You can also confirm with the trust seal providers an existing partnership with them and the website.

No. However, you can check the amount of Online Traffic you get from three trusted websites. Using,, and similar, you can check the amount of traffic you get. Increasing web traffic can make a significant difference on the bottom line of your business. Creating organic online traffic is crucial in all kinds of websites. You must develop organic traffic because those are the people who are interested in your product or service.

Try This Free Website Checker and Get Your Free SEO Audit Today

A website checker can tell you the health of your website in comparison to the market standards. A successful website will be more useful to a business that one that is performing poorly. The tool allows you to improve the overall performance of the website. You will be able to beat your competitors with a proper setup website. You can use our website checker and give the free package a try. You can upgrade to higher packages as your website grows because of the notable changes you have implemented.