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Learn what it takes to have a website that generates new customers for your business. 

If you're building a new website or redesigning one for your business read below to learn the benefits and key elements of having a successful website in your industry.

Contractors need multiple leads and a steady flow of new customers if their business stays solid. Their projects are typically finite when completed, meaning they can’t be relied on for recurrent revenue. WP SiteKit has over a decade of custom web design service experience for many businesses, including web design for contractors. We have an in-depth understanding of the potential of a functional website as part of a contractor marketing strategy.

We will demonstrate how to apply media and aesthetics using basic principles of effective web design for contractors and share tips for driving leads and efficiently converting them with minimal effort. You should be able to identify the ideal web design for your needs in the competitive construction industry.

We've been in business for over 5 years and made dozens of successful websites for business.

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Ashton and his team did an awesome job building our website. It was the first website for me so I didn't have much/any knowledge and...
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Application of Web Design for Contractors

A great website can be an excellent marketing tool for contractors as it can generate leads and convert them into actual business. It also provides a gallery of the company’s achievements, building its reputation as a reliable partner.

Your contractor website displays your services so that the visitor knows if you are in a position to help and offers a platform for them to ask questions. You can even use it to receive orders and share quotations when clients know exactly what they want.

The website must be designed for the kind of construction business the company participates in to be effective.

Web Design for Contractors

What Makes a Contractor Website Design Effective?

There are specific elements and features common in successful construction business websites that you should look out for.

Professional Outlook

Users searching for contractors on the internet are willing to spend a lot of money, which makes them extra sensitive. Pop-ups and text-blocking ads shouldn’t clutter the landing page.

Construction marketing relies heavily on visual aids, so there should be an optimal application of media like photos and videos. They make the story emotionally persuasive as the potential customer literally visualizes themselves living there.

You should make provisions for showcasing your amazing work with before and after photos. The difference can be quite persuasive, especially if the target client’s current situation resembles the before photos.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Contractors

The aesthetic appeal of the contractor website only gets to be appreciated by users who click on the pages. A search engine has to consider the pages relevant to specific queries for them to appear on the results pages. The wording on these pages will capture the interest of your potential customer. Content marketing, especially SEO, is therefore not easy to achieve in construction web design which relies more on media than text to communicate.

Because it is your area of specialization, your contractor website should have well-defined processes of how projects should be handled so that you are not entirely relying on what the client thinks. This demonstrates your authority on the subject and allows you to include more relevant text that Google algorithms can process. Your pages will rank better if Google understands what they are about.

Ensure your most lucrative services are central to the website and that they get sufficient mention using the right keywords. An FAQ section addressing common questions is one reliable platform to capture as many of the right keywords for a construction website with content that provides real solutions.

Aggressive Lead Generation Capability

The website is critical in a contractor’s marketing strategy, and web design for contractors is key to driving business. Once visitors have been drawn to the site, they should be continuously engaged, so they don’t bounce off it before conversion. Alongside your compelling images, you should prominently display your contact information on every page, so visitors don’t have to keep scrolling when they need to consult.

You can consider linking a form to be filled by potential clients to either get a quote or initiate

the conversation on each page, nudging them to take the next step (one of the critical functions of the website). This way, you can get their details and follow up before they change their minds about the project or bump into better deals on the internet.

Positive User Experience

Digital marketing is about the visitors’ feelings from the moment they load your webpage until they close it. User experience has a significant bearing on conversion probability. The better the web design for contractors, the smoother it is to navigate your website and the longer visitors stay. The longer they stay, the higher the likelihood they will fill out forms, sign up, make orders, or share your page on their social media platforms.

Loading speed is a key influencer of user experience. Your web designer should be in a position to advise if your hosting plan has sufficient bandwidth to handle your multimedia and any necessary add-ons or plugins. Too many elements on a page might also slow your loading time, so you should look for that sweet spot that balances content and resource demand. The potential client may also be loading the site on a device with limited capability.

The pages should be easy to navigate, with a clear sitemap that leads to all services offered. The more specific you get, the easier it is to address precisely what the customer needs. This means even general contractors dealing with turnkey projects should have specific pages for construction, interior design, roofing, site improvements, remodels, renovations, climate control (if they are HVAC contractors), or other services.

Some contractors list their top services at the top section of every website page so that visitors can view all they have to offer at a glance, regardless of the landing page. Share buttons should also be easily accessible so the happy customer can refer your contracting business to friends and relatives who trust them more than they trust you.

The Ability to Build Trust

You don’t have much time to earn the client’s trust. Evidence of completed projects tends to persuade the skeptics. You should document your handing over events by taking quality photos and videos for posterity. The image of a satisfied customer standing before a completed project or a video of them talking about the journey is impactful. You should incorporate it into the web design process.

Display any individual and team awards associated with the construction company as proof that you are adept at what you do. Real photos of team members also help to humanize the company in the eyes of the visitors. Positive ratings, testimonials, or reviews with the reviewers' names also help build an instant reputation.

Mobile Friendliness

Providing visitors with a positive mobile experience is more of a requirement than an option. Everyone uses a mobile phone to browse the internet, so naturally, even Google algorithms favor mobile-friendly websites. You should therefore optimize your construction website design for users on mobile devices.

Buttons should be clickable using fingers on touchscreens. The mobile site should be easy to scroll, with fitting images and readable texts with a reasonable amount of white space in between. This responsive design is vital because a construction website is mainly about visuals.

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Web Design Services for Construction

Using WP SiteKit For Your Contractor Web Design

Even as we employ all the above, our web design services go beyond setting up the website. Our managed web services free you from focusing on your contracting business as we prime your contractor website for marketing and growth. We have an above-average grasp of SEO (we know how Google reads the internet), so we will make it an excellent website for digital marketing.

We provide custom website design services where we capture your brand’s unique story, complete with your exclusive images, so you won’t find it duplicated in any other contractor website.

If you are just starting and don’t have these testimonials and proprietary media, we have prebuilt website templates that you can choose from as a starting point. It may not be as unique as the custom website, but you can prime your content for contractor marketing, and it will serve the purpose.

Because we develop our websites around WordPress, you can always edit your pages and delete or add new ones easily as the business diversifies.

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