It’s Not Just a Website, It’s a Marketing Platform

Whether you need technical setup, a comprehensive marketing strategy or a team to fully execute your marketing campaigns for you, we’re here to help.

Here are the ways we can help you with your marketing.

DIY: Do-it-Yourself Marketing

• Marketing Tools Setup
• DIY Instructions


• Marketing Tools Setup
• Strategy Consulting
• Training

Full Service

• Marketing Tools Setup
• Strategy Consulting
• Campaign Execution

Phase 1: Build an Optimized WordPress Website

Every website we build is optimized for marketing. That means if you build your site with us you can expect website visitors and new business leads.

Your website will be search engine optimized so every page you publish can be found by people searching on Google.

We use only web design best practices so your site will work on mobile devices and compel visitors to engage with your content.

Learn more about the website you'll get.

WP-SiteKit-Graphics-01-Optimized Website

Phase 2: Social Media Profile and Blog Promotion Optimization

Have your marketing message go out to the world and be seen in search and social media. For this, we'll create brand graphics and messaging to optimize all your social media profile pages.

We will set up a blog to automatically promote new articles on social media. We'll also write and publish 2 blog posts with social media promotions.

Create a blog subscribe form and popup to capture engaged readers. Setup an email marketing system to deliver new blog posts to subscribers.

Phase 3: Content Marketing with Search Engine Optimized Writing and Publishing

You will appear on Google much more often when you are publishing quality content on a regular basis. For this reason, we will create a long-term content marketing strategy.

To ensure you get a healthy start for your content marketing strategy we will write 3 months worth of search engine optimized content and set each post to publish automatically to your blog and social media.


Phase 4: Lead Capture with a Free Offer

We help you get valuable customer information using consumer psychology driven strategies.

You can generate more leads from your website by offering your visitors a free gift in exchange for their email.

We'll start off by creating a valuable free gift for your audience. We'll then set up a landing page and popups to grab your visitor's attention and capture their contact information.

Phase 5: Email Nurture Campaign and Newsletter System

Email marketing is still the best tactic to turn visitors into subscribers and then customers.

We'll do this for you by setting up an email nurture campaign that delivers your marketing message through a series of professionally written emails that compels visitors to come back to your website.

To keep in touch with your best subscribers and customers we'll also set up an email newsletter system allowing you to contact them throughout the year with new products and special offers.


Phase 6: Targeted Online Advertising

Get web traffic and new customers faster with a targeted ad campaign.

Lets put your marketing message in front of internet users who have already shown interest in your products and services.

We will set up and properly configure your Facebook Ad Manager account. This includes optimizing who to target within any monthly budget.

We'll then create the ads with a compelling title, graphics and offer to bring the right visitors to your site.

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