How To Publish a Newsletter with MailPoet

MailPoet WordPress Newsletter Tool

Every WP SiteKit Managed Website comes with the email newsletter tool, MailPoet. It is set up with a template to match your company brand and ready for you to create and send your business email newsletters. Here are the instructions for you to publish a newsletter with MailPoet.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website
  2. Got to WP Admin > MailPoet
  3. Click the “Add New” button
  4. Under Newsletter click the “Create” button
  5. Click “Your saved templates”
  6. Select the email template we custom designed for you
  7. Type the email Subject
  8. Type the Preview Text (optional)
  9. Click on the intro paragraph text to edit it and type or paste your content
  10. If you want to add a blog post the drag and drop the “Posts” module from the right and drop it on to your newsletter below the intro paragraph
  11. In the Post Selection box type the first few words of in the title of the post you want to include
  12. When you see the Post displayed below, click the checkbox next to it to see a preview displayed.
  13. (Optional) If you don’t like the layout, click the “Display options” link to see more layout display options.
  14. Click the Insert Selected button to insert the Post into your newsletter
  15. Add an ending paragraph by dragging the Text Module from the right and dropping it near the bottom of your newsletter where you want to paragraph. Click on the text to edit it.
  16. Add a Call-to-action Button to the bottom of your newsletter by dragging the Button Module from the right and dropping it at the end of the newsletter
  17. Click the button and change it’s Label and Link.
  18. When you finished editing your newsletter, click the “Next” button
  19. On the Final Step under Lists choose Website Subscribers
  20. Click the “Schedule it” check box and choose a date and time to send your newsletter
  21. Click the “Schedule” button

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