Edit a Table with TablePress

At WP SiteKit we use the TablePress plugin to create tables in WordPress webpages. These instructions will teach you how to edit the content within the table.

Login to WordPress

Ensure you are logged in to your WordPress site. If you’re not sure you’re logged in see the article, How to Log In to Your WordPress Website.

Navigate to the Webpage

Navigate to the webpage you want to change from the front end of your website just like a normal visitor.

Click the Edit Button Under the Table

Click the Edit button found just below the table you want to edit.

Tip: If you right click on the Edit button and select “Open Link in New Tab” then you will be able to get back to this page much easier.

WordPress TablePress Edit button

Edit the Table in the Table Editor

  1. Click into the table cells and type your text changes.
  2. Use the Table Manipulation button to add or remove columns and rows.
  3. Click the Save Changes button to update the webpage.

TablePress Table Editor

Go Back to The Public Page to See Your Update

Once you’ve finished saving the table then navigate back to the public facing page to see your changes.

Tip: If you followed the tip above by opening the table editor in a new tab, then you can jump to that tab quickly and refresh the page to see your updates.

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