Create Subscribe Corner Slide-In

This article will show you the steps and settings on How to create Subscribe Corner Slide-In using Convert Pro plugin.

The finished product will be a lead capture popup box that slides in from the bottom of the browser window that looks like this:

lead capture popup box that slides in


First, install and activate the WordPress Convert Pro plugin from Brainstorm Force.

  1. Click the Convert Pro button in WordPress admin
  2. Click the Create New button

Convert Pro WordPress Popup Plugin


Select Slide-in


Select the blank template and name it “Subscribe Corner Slide-in (desktop only)”



Add These Design Elements

  • Insert a heading that says “Subscribe for News & Updates” – Font 26 px
  • Insert a subheading that says “Get website optimization tips sent right to your inbox.” – Font 14 px

  • Insert an email form field

  • Insert a “Subscribe” button

  • Insert paragraph text that reads “100% privacy guaranteed. Unsubscribe at any time.” – Font 12 px

  • Close Image in the upper right corner.


Set all the text color and button color to white.

Under the Panel section make the following settings:

  • Size: Width 350, Height 350
  • Background: #1550a2
  • Animation: Slide in up
  • Border Color: use a logo or website primary color. Set Border Width to 5 . Set rounded corners to 3.
  • Shadow Effect: none

Under the Configure section

1. Click on “After Few Seconds on Page”

2. Change it to 10 Seconds


1.Click on “Target”

2.Click on “Hide on Devices”

3. Check the “Mobile” box



Enable Cookies:

1.Click on Cookies

2.Choose 1 day

Under Connect:

  • Connect to MailChimp Integration
  • Choose the MailChimp List
  • Leave Double Opt-in unchecked

Click the Save button and make Published is turned on.


All finished.

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