WordPress Web Design Packages

WordPress Web Design Packages

Did you know that 27% of the internet is using WordPress for their businesses? According to a Netcraft survey, 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress.

Why do so many people use WordPress? Because it offers a simple and easy to use platform for businesses who want to create a website that looks professional and unique to their niche. 

Keep on reading to find out which are the best WordPress web design packages if you are a business or a solopreneur.

Get Help with Your WordPress Web Design

Why not get professionals to help you build your website? There are a number of options available, depending on what you feel you need help with. For example, you could hire a designer, developer or a marketer. But what is the difference? 

A designer will make your website look professional and modern. Often they focus on your brand and appearance.

A developer will make the website load quickly, create code without any mistakes or issues, and make sure your website runs properly without any technical problems. 

A marketer will create content for your website and persuade people to use your products or services.

You can look towards individuals and web companies for these services. It’s important for you to understand the different skills that each professional has.

For example, you can’t just expect to throw your website project that requires coding at a marketer who doesn’t know anything about coding.

Once your site is mostly finished, you can create a list of items you need help with. This way it will cost less money.

Create Your Own Website 

If you want to save money on your website, you could always make it yourself. WordPress is free. So if you have the time, you could create your own website and then get a freelancer to fix any issues with your website. 

Setting Up Your Website

Before you get started on your website, there are a number of things you need to iron out. You need to buy a domain name and pick your hosting plan. It’s also a good idea to have the content for your website.

Choose a Domain Name

A domain name that is relevant to your business is important because this is how your customers will find you online. Make sure you either use your business name or keywords that are related to your business niche.

If you are setting up a website for your personal blog, you can simply use your name. 

The most popular domain names often end in .com. However, if that extension is already taken, you could use .net or .org, etc. 

Select a Hosting Plan

After you have chosen your domain name, you need to select a hosting plan that can ensure your website is safe and secure.

Hosting plans can be relatively cheap, but you do want to make sure that you go with a hosting company that has a reliable uptime and offers you the support you need. 

Have a look at the hosting plans that are recommended by WordPress and do some research into the different hosting options. 

Create Content

The final stage of setting up your website is optional and can be done once you have chosen your WordPress theme. 

All websites need content, so jot down a list of all the webpages you want to have on your website and start writing the copy. Your webpages might include an about us page, a products or services page, and a contact us page.

Once you have a domain name, a hosting plan, and the content, you are ready to start your website. Remember to make use of WordPress customization themes to make your website look unique. 

Discover this helpful article to learn more about why WordPress is the right platform for your website.

Outsource the Work

You have three options for outsourcing your work. You can either hire an offshore WordPress designer or developer, hire a web design freelancer from North America, or hire a web agency. 

Hire an Offshore WordPress Designer or Developer

Hiring an offshore WordPress designer or developer means that you can find talented people outside of your country. You can find freelancers on websites such as UpWork.com, PeoplePerHour, etc. 

Offshore freelancers often cost less, you can get a web design package for around $1000. 

However, hiring an offshore freelancer can be difficult because the time zones will be different and that might make it harder to communicate and get the job done.

You also may end up spending more if the freelancer doesn’t create what you want and you need to pay someone to fix it.

Hire a Web Design Freelancer in North America

There are 55 million freelancers in the U.S. so you can rest assured that you will find a freelancer who is right for you.

Hiring a freelancer in North America can ensure that you get a talented freelancer who provides you with better communication and availability. 

A freelancer in North America will probably cost more, around $2000 – $3000, for the entire package. 

Hire a Web Agency

A web agency will typically have a team of people with all high skill sets in design, development, and marketing. 

The benefits of hiring a web agency are that the team will be able to create your website quickly. A web agency can also provide ongoing marketing to help bring in more traffic to your website.

Your web agency will know how to customize a WordPress theme and will know how to make your website look professional and unique in your niche. 

Web design packages from a web agency cost around $10,000 and then have an additional monthly marketing fee.

We offer various managed website packages to help your website look professional and perform well.

We have dedicated teams of designer, developer and marketing skills so that you can be sure your website looks the best it can and performs as well as it can.

Check out our WordPress packages and have your website managed by the experts for less.

WordPress Websites

Creating a WordPress web design that is professional and unique to your niche is very important to the success of your business. 

You need to decide whether you have time to create the website yourself or whether you’re going to outsource the work and get the help of a professional.

Don’t have time to design your own website? Find out more about how you can get the professional website design that your business deserves. 

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