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  • Installation and Hosting Options

    Option A: Get Your Site Installed Automatically on WP Engine Hosting
    Using WP Engine hosting is the easiest way to have your site installed and live on the web. Your site will be installed on your account automatically and WP Engine support can help you through the entire process. WP Engine hosting starts at $22 a month.

    Option B: Install Your Site Yourself on Any Host with a WordPress Zip File
    Use this option if you want to do the site installation yourself on another hosting provider. We’ll provide you with the site files and database. This option is more technical and difficult if you’ve never migrated a WordPress website before.

You'll Recieve Your Website on the WP Engine Hosting Platform

Your WP SiteKit prebuilt website will be sent to your web hosting account at WP Engine. If you don't have an account yet there will be step by step instructions on how to set one up. An account at WP Engine is the easiest way to receive your prebuilt website.

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