Setup Gravity Forms to Submit to Email

This article will show you the steps and settings to setup Gravity Forms to send the content of the form to an email address once the user clicks the submit button.

These instructions assume you already a Gravity Form created.

Click on “Forms”

WP Admin Gravity Froms

1. Hover on “Settings” of the form

2. Click on “Notifications”

Notifications for WordPress Gravity Froms

There should be one notification already existing called “Admin Notification”. Click on “Edit”.

Fill the fields with your details

  • Send to Email: You can send the form contents to any email address. Even an address that’s not at your domain like …
  • From Name: Include the company name first followed by “Message”.
  • From Email: Use “info@[DomainName]”. It must be from the domain name that the form is on so the email gets through all spam filters.
  • Reply To: Use the drop down menu and choose Email. This will enable the user to click the Reply button in their email and send the reply email to the person who filled out the form.
  • Subject: Include “Message From [Company Name] Website. Replace [CompanyName] with your own company name. This will make it clear for both the site owner and form submitter.
  • Message: leave the default value {all_fields}.

Gravity From Notification Settings

Click on ” Update Notifications”



All finished. Now you will receive an email once anyone fills your form and you can reply directly to him/her from your email.

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