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Keep Your Site in Shape! 5 Types of Website Packages for WordPress

There's one invaluable tool for your company that you should always invest the most money in. It's not your staff, your management, or your company's information technology. It's simpler than that — the most valuable tool to your company is its website. With it, your company can reach audiences across the world. It's where you can direct people after they …
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Get More Leads and Customers with Your WordPress Website

get more leads
Have you been struggling to get more leads from your Wordpress site? Fear not; you're not alone. According to CSO Insights, 68% of businesses report struggling with lead generation. Why are 2/3 of businesses struggling with this? Engagement and consistency. According to a study done by Marketo, approximately 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to purchase. This means that you need to continue …

Powered by WordPress: Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Business or Company Websites

WordPress isn’t just for blogging anymore. It powers 0% of websites on the internet today. Among these businesses are big names like TechCrunch, The New Yorker, Variety and MTV News. With benefits that other businesses see and take advantage of, there aren’t many reasons why not to use WordPress for business. But, you’ll want to understand the reasons why to …
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